10 Job Interview Tips

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Out interviewing for the job of your dreams? You are lucky to score an interview, and you don’t want to blow it now. Here are 10 job interview tips to make sure you shine.

Candy Dish

If the interviewer has a candy dish, dump it all in your pockets and say, “Thanks. I’ll save that for later.”


Never interview alone. Always bring a friend you can turn to and say, “We were pretty drunk that night, weren’t we?” Your friend should laugh heartily.

Bear Hug

Most job candidates don’t make an impression. Instead of a hand-shake, pick up the interviewer in a bear hug and say, “Yabba Dabba Doo, I want to work with you!”


Don’t wait for the interview itself to make an impression. Scatter business cards everywhere on the the floor of the company. The cards should show you as the position you are interviewing for.

Don’t Research

Too many applicants research a new company meticulously. This is a waste of time. A better idea is to ask the interviewer, “Can you tell me what you know about this company? And for extra points, would you work here if you were able to quit and come back with no repercussions?”

Look Casual

Most interviewers over dress for an interview. Once hired, they return to the casual crap they wear every other day of their lives. Try going to the interview in a T-shirt with cut-off sleeves and a trucker hat. It’s all about making an impression.

Sing Along

When they ask you why you want to work there, try singing your answer, loudly: “I want to work for this company because I really, really need some good heeaaaaaaaalllllllthhhhhhhhcaarrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee!”

Answer Questions With Questions

When they ask, “Where do you want to be in five years?”, answer with “Where do YOU want to be in five years?”

Leave Behinds

Always leave behind something that will make you memorable, like a giant stuffed rabbit you won at the State Fair in ’95.

Follow Up

No matter how it went, follow up with a thank-you note. Say something like, “I really enjoyed our talk. Please send me an opening offer within 24 hours as I am looking at several opportunities.”

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