3 Amazing Fun Facts About Rutgers University Football

Rutgers University is one of the oldest colleges in the country. It began as Queens College in 1766, 10 years before there was even an official United States, which made it tough to get in bars.

“ID, please.”

“I don’t have an ID. We aren’t even a country yet.”

“Back of the line.”

Rutgers University had one of the first college football programs in the United States. In 1869, they beat Princeton in what is widely believed to be the first college football game ever played. The score was 6-4, which seems a little low for the first college football game ever played. That’s because they were drinking so many Bloody Mary’s, they actually forgot to add the scores of a number of touchdowns and field goals by both teams. The actual score was Rutgers 210 – Princeton 177.

“Once we got over 200 points, we started putting in our sophomores and freshman. Give them some playing time.”

Rutgers has been known ever since as the “Birthplace of College Football.” That’s probably better than being known as “Birthplace of Fat Sandwiches served From Grease Trucks on College Avenue.”

What’s a Fat Sandwich?

“Well, it’s sort of like a sub but it is jam-packed with various combinations of french fries, fried mozzarella sticks, fried chicken fingers, cheesesteaks, white sauce, marinara sauce, hot sauce, all kinds of sauce – every food item is piles right on the sandwich. Basically, it is a heart attack on a hoagie.”

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