At the races

3 Amazing Fun Facts About the Summer Olympics

The Olympics were first held in Ancient Greece, where city-states competed against each other. Now countries compete against each other in the modern Olympics, and cities compete in completely different events.

Announcer: “Folks, were back in the Most Polluted River event. Cleveland has held this title for many years, but Chicago is making a run for the gold!”

The first Olympics is believed to have taken place in 776BC, and Larry King was there for a remote broadcast.

Larry King: “Athens, you’re on the air! Heliopolis, you’re on the air! Sparta, you’re…”

The first Olympics was held in honor of Zeus, the God of Sky and Thunder.

Zeus explains, “Well, first they name me God of Sky. And, to be honest, it was kind of boring. I told them I wanted to be promoted or I was leaving. So they said, ‘How about God of Sky AND Thunder?’ I said, ‘I like it, now we’re talking.’

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