3 characters that were written out of your favorite TV show

It’s not easy to break in to show business. Let’s say you finally get a big break, a juicy TV role and lots of press — it can still all go south in a hurry. Sadly, these three characters were introduced and then quickly written out of some of your favorite shows.


Chester debuted in season 6 as Chandler’s super-nerdy little brother. Known for saying things like, “That makes no sense, Chandler!” repeatedly during each episode, audiences felt it made no sense to keep this character around. He disappeared after two episodes, supposedly falling out of the window of the apartment while spring cleaning.


Frasier’s brother Niles is a beloved character on the show. So much so, the producers thought it wise to introduce another sibling, Nile’s twin Rodney. The story was Rodney was just now returning to the US after leaving for boarding school in England at 10 years old and staying there ever since. He’s even more persnickety and snobbish than Frasier and Niles, taking his English background way too seriously. With his bowler hats, vests and pocket-watches and silly “Cheerio” greeting, audiences sent him packing after three appearances.

Big Bang Theory

Helga was introduced in season 3 of the monster CBS hit show, Big Bang Theory. Audiences learned she was Sheldon’s older sister. While Sheldon started college at 11-years-old, Helga embarked on a hair stylist career that took her from their small East Texas town all the way to her own shop in El Paso. She was known for yelling “Bless her damn, heart, and get that mop cut right!” when talking to Penny about other girls on the show. As you can guess, audiences ushered her back to Texas after only one episode.

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