3 Cool Fun Facts About University of Cincinnati Basketball

University of Cincinnati basketball started in 1901. That was an interesting year. That was the same year Walt Disney was born. A lot of people don’t know he created a theme park before Disneyland and Disney World called Disney Trailer Park. The most popular ride was called Pall Mall World.

“It’s a Pall Mall world after all
It’s a Pall Mall world after all
It’s a Pall Mall world after all
It’s a Pall Mall world.”

The Bearcats coach is Mick Cronin, who, as of this video, is in his 9th season. Talk about an overachiever — in his freshman year of college, this guy was coaching high school players at Woodward High School.

“Get in there, son.”

“Son? Coach, you are a year older than me.”

The Bearcats play at Fifth Third Arena, which holds 13,176 fans. To honor Fifth Third Bank, the arena is one fifth of one third the size of a regular basketball arena, so half the fans half to sit on the shoulders of their friends.

“Let me tell you a secret,” a Bearcats insider said. “All fans have to sit on the shoulder of another fan, but for opposing team fans, we tell them they need to sit three, four or more on top of each other. We tell them we just don’t have the room! You should see when a guy at the top orders a hot dog or a soda, and it has to be passed up eight people high. God forbid he doesn’t have exact change.”

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