3 Crazy Facts About North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball

The Tar Heels basketball program started back in 1910. That was an interesting year. That year in Berkeley, California the first junior high school in the country opened. That fall was also the first time kids made their parents drop them off two blocks from school.

“Just drop me off here. This is GOOD.”

“Honey, we just pulled out of the driveway.”

“It’s fine! Just let me out!”

You might be wondering what a Tar Heel is. It’s a person that comes from North Carolina. The name Tar comes from the southern pronunciation of the the word tire, as North Carolina was a major manufacturer of rubber tires in the Civil War era.

“I’m telling y’all, it’s like a wagon wheel, but it’s got rubber on it. It’s a Tar!

North Carolina won the first of many NCAA Championships in 1957 under coach Frank McGuire. He came to the Tar Heels from St. John’s University, where he led not only led their basketball team to the Final Four in 1952, he coached the baseball team to the 1949 College World Series and the Beer Pong Team to victory in the 1950 Collegiate Beer Pong Classic.

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