3 Crazy Fun Facts About Maryland Terrapins Football

The Maryland Terrapins began playing football in 1892. In those days, they were known as Maryland Agricultural College, which made cheers difficult.

“Give me an M!
Give me an A!
Give me an R!
Give me a Y!
Give me an L!
Give me an A!
Give me an N!
Give me a D!

Give me an A!
Give me a G!

Maryland was scoreless in all three games they played their first season. You know what happened next, right? I hope you know, because I don’t know. Maybe they did what most teams do…fire the coach.

“Sir, we are going to have to let you go. We’ve decided to go in a different direction next year. Maybe try Rutgers.”

Hired in 1902, John Markey was the team’s first professional coach. His salary was $300. His sponsorship deal with a major shoe company was worth $3 million.

“Here’s the spin. On the sideline when you are coaching, we want you to wear one of those ear-flap caps. The kind with the fur. Put the ear-flaps down, and our logo will be on the side of the flaps.”

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