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3 Crazy Fun Facts About the Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are currently atop the American League Eastern Division. Here are 3 crazy fun facts about the “Jays.”

The Blue Jays were founded in 1977. So much was going on that year. Elvis Costello released his first record, “Less Than Zero.”

One local wag told me, “Yes, and that’s the exact number of wins the Blue Jays got that first year.”

The Blue Jays play at the Rogers Centre, originally called the SkyDome. It was built after the 1982 Grey Cup, the Canadian Football League Championship game, was played in a driving rainstorm, to this day known as the Rain Bowl.

A local man remembered: “I was there. It rained right in my damn beer. I was drinking 50 percent Labatt’s and 50 percent rainwater.”

The Blue Jays are the only team based outside of the US.

An MLB league official explains: “Well, we want more Canadian cities to join Major League Baseball, but the support isn’t always there. Heck, in Calgary, they’d rather watch stagecoach races. What’s that all about?”

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