3 Cryptocurrencies The Internet Should Go Wild About

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is nearing  $500 billion at this writing, up from only a few billion last year. The world has gone wild for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Here are three more that should take center stage soon.


This cryptocurrency is targeted directly at lovers AND haters of the iconic New England Patriots. Lovers will appreciate the gleaming face of Tom Brady on the graphic image developed for the coin. Haters will like this feature: every time the Patriots are caught cheating, the value of the total PatriotCoin asset is cut by 20 percent.


Issued to commuters in Los Angeles, LATrafficereum is designed to appeal to weary drivers who spend up to four hours a day in their car. It can only be used at drive-through windows including Starbucks, McDonald’s and designated liquor stores.


This fast-growing cryptocurrency reverses the actions of the recently lauded Trump tax cut. Every time a wealthy individual claims a deduction under the new Trump tax cut plan, that money is automatically redirected to TrumpTaxCutCoin, which is then distributed to middle-class and poor citizens who paid for the original tax cuts in the first place.


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