3 Fun Facts About Duke University Basketball

Duke University basketball started in 1905. That was an interesting year. That was the same year AG MacDonald drove the first automobile over 100 miles per hour in Daytona Beach. When the cops pulled him over, they asked why he was speeding, he said he was on his way to the first wet T-shirt contest in Daytona Beach, a tradition that continues today. They let him go.

Duke is coached by Mike Krzyzewski whose name is worth over 3 million Scrabble points.

Coach K has been the coach at Duke since 1980, and he’s only 69. I think we need to start talking to him about what’s next in his career. What’s the level above Duke University basketball coach? President of the United States!

I think Coach K should run for President in 2016. He has a winning record of 965 wins and 250-some losses. The guy is a proven winner.

Maybe you think I’m crazy. But have you seen the clowns running for President? Mike will beat them in a landslide. Support me in my cause.

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