3 Fun Facts About the Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers basketball club was founded in 1970. That was a crazy year. That same year, they staged the second Atlanta International Pop Festival, which had anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 people in attendance. One fan said, “Or, if Trump was there, he’d say there was 5.7 million people.”

The Clippers franchise started out as the expansion Buffalo Braves. The Braves moved around a bit and landed in San Diego in 1978 where they were called the San Diego Clippers. They picked up again and headed north to LA in 1984. Like many expansion teams, they didn’t do real well for a long time, and only began really winning consistently when Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and others joined the team. “I didn’t do real well my first years either,” a Clippers fan said. “I was a virgin until I was 37, and that only changed because the lady who cuts my hair took pity on me.”

At home, the Clippers use Staples Center, as do the LA Lakers, LA Kings, and LA Sparks. A Staples Center spokesperson said, “It’s expensive to have all these teams here. But we save money where we can — for example, after every Kings game, we bust up the ice into cubes and use them for drinks in the private sky boxes.

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