3 Fun Facts About Sergio Garcia

After his big Masters 2017 win yesterday, I want to say, “Congratulations, Sergio Garcia on FINALLY winning your first Masters and major championship!” With that in mind, let’s look at three fun facts about Sergio Garcia.

Did you know Sergio Garcia started playing golf at the age of three? That was in 1983, which was a crazy year. That year, Seve Ballesteros, Sergio’s idol, won the Master’s. Woooaaaahhhh, spooky! When Seve won, he said in Spanish, “Me alegro de haber ganado porque no podía jugar más hoy. Mis pantalones están muy apretados.” Which loosely means, “I’m glad I won because I couldn’t play anymore today. My pants are way too tight.”

Sergio turned pro in 1999, and was quickly recognized as a star, although he didn’t win a major for almost two decades. One golf fan said, “The only dry streak longer than that was went I went without a date from 5th grade until my wedding day. Yes, it’s true, I met my wife on my wedding day in one of those TV reality shows. It was called, ‘Married Today, Divorced Tomorrow,’ which is also on every ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign.”

In his early days, Sergio’s swing had a loop in it that reminded people of Ben Hogan. A golf fan commented, “A lot of people tell me my swing is similar to Ben Franklin, meaning it looks like I’m trying to avoid being electrocuted by lightning during a thunderstorm.”

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