3 Halfway True Facts About The Calgary Stampeders

The Stampeders’ home field is called McMahon Stadium, named after Johnny Carson’s sidekick Ed McMahon on the old Tonight Show. To bring the team on the field. the announcer says “Heeeeeeeere’s the Stampeders!”

Before the Stampeders, Calgary used to have a team called the 50th Battalion. They won many games using an armored personnel carrier and two tanks.

The team almost folded in 1985 due to a poor record and low attendance. The “Save Our Stamps” campaign involved fans pouring buckets of Canadian stamps over their heads and then challenging their friends on social media. And in 1985, social media didn’t exist so they had to run from house to house to spread the campaign. It worked, and the Stampeders are Stampeding to this day.

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