3 Halfway True Facts About the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were formed in Decautur Illinois in 1919, originally called the Decatur Staleys, the name came from the food starch company A. E. Staley. The owners used to put so much starch in the team uniforms, the players could not run more than 2 yards at a time, making winning extremely difficult.

They moved to Chicago in 1921. George Halas bought the rights to the team for $100 and changed their name to the Bears, the name meant to be somewhat associated to the established baseball team in town. It was the last time they ever wanted to be associated with the Cubs, because they didn’t want to be jinxed.

The team was a winner for many years, and had a key crosstown rivalry with the Chicago Cardinals. The Cardinals were would have done better, but they had to wear large Catholic hats that extended three feet above their heads, although the quarterback said it made it easier to find receivers.

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