3 Silly Facts You Should Know About The Philadelphia Eagles

3 Silly Facts You Should Know About the Philadelphia Eagles

Did you know the Philadelphia Eagles began in 1931 as a replacement team for a bankrupt club called the Frankord Yellow Jackets? The Yellow Jackets were unique because they were owned by the community, and any money they made went to community charities.

The closest thing today is when Browns fans call their team a professional football team, which is charitable at best. “Hey, the Brown are better than you think. Wait till Johnny Football starts winning Super Bowls for us. This is only 2014 and I fully expect that to happen around 20-never,” a Browns fan argued.

1926, the Yellow Jackets won a victory over the Dayton Triangles in October. “Of course we beat the Dayton Triangles!” said the coach. I thought of every angle.”

The Eagles have been to the Superbowl three times and lost both, to the Raiders in 1980, and the New England Patriots in 2004. “You know what hurt the most about that Raiders loss,” said a former player,” was losing to Jim Plunkett. How did that guy even play the game? His head was so big it didn’t even fit in the regular helmet. They had to make s special helmet out of left over parts from NASA rocket launches.”

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