3 Slightly Interesting Things About The Seattle Seahawks

In 1977, the Seahawks traded their first round pick to Dallas, who selected Tony Dorsett who went on to have a stellar career and was chosen for the Hall of Fame. But that wasn’t the worst thing that year. In 1977, Anson Williams, better known as Potsie from Happy Days, signed a recording contract. First song was called “Deeply” which referred to how far back in the sale bin this record ended up two weeks after release.

Seahawks fans are often called the “12th man.” This was also my nickname in junior high because I was always the 12th, and last, kid picked when choosing sides.

The team is named after a Seahawk, or Osprey which is a raptor that lives on a diet made mostly of fish. It has an outer toe that is reversible, making it easier to hold fish. Inspired by this, the Seahawks tried to revers the outer toes of their kicking team in order to get better balance and longer kicks. They scuttled the program after experimenting on one kicker. He didn’t show any improvement in kicking, but now has no trouble snagging fish out of Puget Sound by just taking off his shoes and socks.

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