3 Stunning Facts About the Jacksonville Jaguars

Along with the Carolina Panthers, The Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1995. A lot was going on in 1995. That was the year the longest sausage ever made was revealed in Kitchener, Ontario. At almost 29 miles long, the sausage was soon seen in Los Angeles taking meetings to discuss various movie projects. You know, “movie projects.”

Jacksonville has always been a great football town, and it’s not surprising they had several pro teams before the Jaguars:

–The Jacksonville Sharks/Express in the World Football League.

–The Jacksonville Firebirds of the American Football Association.

–The Jacksonville Bulls in the United States Football League.

The Sharks were part of the ill-fated World Football League in 1974. The team did not last long and came back to the city the following year as the Jacksonville Express. They folded again and returned the following year, combining the two previous team names, as the Jacksonville Sharks Express. Their logo was a shark driving a runaway train locomotive over the goal line.

Again, they folded, but their ludicrous name and team logo became the inspiration for the Hollywood cult movie hits “Sharknado” and “Sharknado 2.” You may be asking what was happened in Sharknado 2 that you couldn’t cover in the original Sharknado. “With that kind of logical thinking, you will never make it Hollywood,” said a famous director. “Dumb it down, dumb it down.”

Jacksonville is the perfect place for a team because the weather is halfway decent all year round. The average temperature in summer is 82, and the record high of 104 was set in 1879. It was so hot, local alligators were seen wearing flip flops to keep their feet off the hot ashphalt. “I know what you are thinking. Alligators wearing flip flops? What a croc!”

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