3 Ways To Act More Mature

Be honest. You are an adult, but your maturity level is closer to a 7th grader. Maybe you just don’t know how to act mature. Here are three quick tips to help you straighten up and fly right.

Know When It’s Time to Act Silly

It’s OK to act silly, your problem is you act silly at the wrong time. It’s not the best idea to come to your grandmother’s funeral wearing a Batman costume and Ninja Turtle slippers because “MeMaw would laugh at it.”

Don’t Laugh So Much

Your skewed view of the world makes you laugh — a lot. You know most people are putting on a front because society demands it. It’s an unwritten rule. However, it’s not good to laugh at your cousin’s hair plugs just because they make the front of his head look like a toilet brush.

Give Your Boss Some Respect

Sure, you sense your boss would rather be doing anything in life than managing you clowns. But she got the job somehow, so give them the respect she deserves. Stop repeating what she says as if you are trying to remember it and act on it, when you are really just mocking her.

You can’t help that you are immature for your age, whether you are 27, 38, 45 or closing in on 60. But please, use these tips to make your life work better for everyone.

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