3 Ways to Relax Before a Big Speech

Did you get nominated to give a big speech for your group? Are you terrified you are going to freeze in the middle of a sentence and they will have to call Life Flight to chopper your stiff and unmoving body to a trauma unit?

You have to learn to relax before a major presentation. Here are some tips.

Know The Room

It helps to calm nerves if you already are familiar with the room. For seven days before your speech sleep, eat and bathe in the same room you’ll be presenting in. You may get complaints from the building staff, but throw around some twenty dollar bills and everyone will get behind your cause.

Positive Self-Talk

To get pumped up for a rousing speech, give yourself a positive self-talk. Basically what you are doing is fooling your mind into forgetting all your past failures and disappointments. Like the time you drove your sister to the wrong airport and she had to spend another three days with you.

Research Your Audience

Who will you be speaking to — an older crowd? Young people? Single? Married? After researching your audience, write jokes tailored to that audience. For married people you might say, “We’ve had threesomes in my marriage since the beginning. Me, my wife, and our dog who likes to watch.”

About Joe Ditzel

Joe Ditzel is a keynote speaker, humor writer, and really bad golfer. You can reach him via email at [email protected] as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.