5 Crazy Things To Do At A Guns and Roses Reunion Show

Guns and Roses are back together again. Skeptical? That’s probably why they are calling it the Not in This Lifetime Tour.

It’s true, my rocker friend. Here they are working out at kinks at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

Wowsers. Axl looks a little thicker, but the sound is still there.

To help you plan ahead on reliving your wild rocker past, here are 5 crazy things to do at the show in your area.

1. Attempt to jump on the speaker stack to dance wildly, only to stop when your hip pops.

2. Put your date on your shoulders so she can see better, and then realize you can only hold her for 27 seconds before your ankles give out.

3. Take selfies to show your kids you are still cool, finding out later you had the camera backwards and took shots of the fans behind you.

4. Take binoculars to catch the action up close, especially when you are in the third row with fading eyesight.

5. Dive off the stage, hitting the ground with a thud because all the old people your age would not catch you.

Have fun out there!

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