5 Ohio University Women Remember Their Craziest College Story

Five Ohio University alumnae reflect fondly on some crazy moments during their years at “Harvard on the Hocking.”


Ofra Schott – Boston, MA

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I was studying in the Pi Phi House when some boys from Beta Theta Pi stormed the entrance and stole a bunch of photo composites. Edna’s family owned a construction company, so we drover a crane over to the Beta house and knocked it down with a wrecking ball. Half of them slept through it.


Freda Geunabaum – Malmo, Sweden

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I arrived from Sweden a day before the first day of classes. Seven fellows streaked across the College Green the moment I got off the bus. I wondered if they did that for every girl.


Brandy Leterschauser – Lexington, KY

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A bunch of us were driving around in Atwell Fiedler’s convertible. He took the wrong way down a one-way street. A car came the other way. He hit the brakes so hard Vonn Curmi shot into the second floor window of The Greenery.


Dareau Merring – Columbus, OH

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My father was a major financial contributor to the school and made it so I could not go anywhere without a chaperone. One time Mary Vincelli and I snuck out and spent the whole night at the Union listening to ska bands and breathing the funny air there.


Jewel Basile – Cleveland, OH

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Paul Newman was in my class. He was a film major and they shot an early version of Butch Cassidy here. It was called Butch Bobcat and the Hangover Kid.

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