5 People You’ll Meet At Every Lollapalooza

Lollopalooza brings out some crazy people. There is no doubt you will meet these five people at every Lollapalooza show.

Speaker-Dancer Gal

She dances, twirls and whirls for 18 hours at a clip, right in front of the speakers which are so loud you can hear them in the next county.

What-Show? Guy

Goes to every Lollopalooza show, has never seen a band once. Hangs out in the exhibit area.

It’s-Cool-I-Made-It-Myself Gal

Hands you some kind of edible which you refuse. She responds, “It’s cool, I made it myself.”

EDM Girl

No matter the type of music festival, she dresses like she is at Electric Daisy Carnival.

Trailer Lady

Travels from music festival to music festival, living out of a 1970 tent-trailer she bought from an estate sale of a neighbor who died.

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