5 References You Didn’t Notice in Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

Taylor Swift is on fire! In the video to her smash “Look What You Made Me Do,” there are several references you probably didn’t notice. Don’t worry. Here they are for your review. Read these and watch the video again. You’ll be amazed.

1. All of the backup dancers are wearing shirts that say, “I Live and Die by the In-N-Out Secret Menu.”

2. As she gets on the motorcycle, her jacket lights up with 2,000 LED bulbs that spell out “I’m a Little Bit Country!”

3. The graveyard scene features Swift shoveling dirt on her high school transcripts. What does that mean??!!

4. Are you down with the squad? In the video, an army of robot squad members march through town and eat hot dogs from street vendors. Did you notice each street cart has a picture of Calvin Harris on it? Uh-oh!

5. At one point, Taylor wears a shirt featuring names of some of the biggest NHL stars in the last 75 years. Except Bobby Hull! Whaaa?

Go watch it again. You’ll be blown away!

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