5 Signs Blake Griffin Was Heading To Detroit

Only a few months after signing a 5-year deal worth north of $170 million,and being called “a lifelong Clipper,” Blake Griffin is gone. He’s being traded to Detroit.

Looking back, there were signs Griffin wouldn’t be around the Clippers much longer.

  • The Griffins ran an ad on AirBnB offering their house in LA for $1,000,000 a night.
  • At each Clippers home game, United Airlines started a promotion offering a Los Angeles-Detroit “Blake Griffin Special” airfare.
  • Doc Rivers, the Clippers coach, kept calling Griffin “The Detroit Kid” during team meetings.
  • When asked about the rumors, Griffin said, “I’m not leaving the Clippers ever. In fact, me and Doc are opening an LA restaurant called “Good But Not Great.”
  • For months, Griffin was spotted looking at homes in the Detroit area. For $170 million, he ended up purchasing the entire city of Detroit.

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