5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles

Courtesy Unsplash
Courtesy Unsplash

1. Hollywood is named after Holly Wood, a starlet from the 1920s who is best known for her starring role as Meredith Manning in the hit film, “Stringtown Shooter.”

2. To relieve traffic congestion resulting from President Obama’s extensive security detail driving through the city on his frequent fund-raising trips to Los Angeles, West Hollywood turns Santa Monica Boulevard into a landing strip for Air Force One.

3. For over 60 years, young lovers have signified their feelings by placing a lock on the door of Barney’s Beanery. The door now weighs 3 tons and is 2 feet thick with 250,000 locks.

4. The Hollywood Hills are haunted. The ghost of John Mersasapanik, a 1930s writer, floats above the homes, moaning, “He should have died at the end. He should have died at the end.”

5. The first Starbucks outside Seattle was in Los Angeles. The very first day, Kanye West stopped in for a latte. Asked his name, he said, “Yesus! Creative Genius!”

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