5 Tweaks to Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

Here are some insider secrets I learned from golf pros around the country. These tips will help you take your game up a level or two.

Sing Out Loud

To smooth out your swing, sing as loud as you can on the backswing. As the club comes down yell, “Thank you, thank you very much!”

Jump Up and Down

Before chipping, jump up and down and say, “Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!”

Harry Vardon - The Complete Golfer - golf - sports - pd - plate58

Wear Funny Hats

Many people have a funny head cover for their driver. This is wrong. Instead, they should wear funny hats. The idea is to convey to your opponent you are deranged and feel no fear.

Make Gargling Noises When Putting

The best tweak to your putting game is to lean your head back, close your eyes and gargle like you are using Listermint in the morning. This will relax your putting stroke, and help you avoid looking at the hole.

Wear a Barrel

One classic golf lesson from the 50s said to “swing in a barrel,” meaning you should swing in a compact fashion. Today’s teaching says you should make this lesson really work by wearing an actual barrel when you play.

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