5 Ways 50 Cent Fooled Us All Into Believing He Was Rich

50 Cent is declaring bankruptcy. What? The guy who made a jillion dollars as a rapper and businessman?

Yup. He says he is really broke, and the wealth was all a facade. Here are some of the ways he fooled us all.

Toy Cars Photography

50 Cent took pictures of toy cars and then blew up the photos the size of the wall in his garage. Then his photog took pictures of him standing in front of the photos.

Sugar Bling

Most of the jewelty Fitty wears is made of sugar and cookie dough. After he wears a piece, he breaks it apart and eats it.


Many of his Instagram pictures shows him with packs of expensive purebreed dogs. He later disclosed the dogs are holograms.

Hot Ladies

A rich rapper is bound to have hot ladies around, wouldn’t you agree? Fitty says the women in his videos and social media posts are eight of his cousins and one sister.

Reality Hotel

What about the houses? Well, the houses he shows all the time are actually hotels throughout the world. All his videos show him landing in a helicopter (rented) as if he is arriving home. In reality, he is landing in the front yard of luxury hotels, taking off again before security can grab him.

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