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5 Ways the Queen’s Birthday Was Different in 2016

Well, that’s it. Four days of pomp and celebration to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Here are five ways they mixed it up in 2016 to keep her birthday fresh.

Bounce House

Tourists were agape to see the Queen bouncing away in a Bounce House situated in front of the Palace.


Is that the Queen busking for change and pound notes thrown in a guitar case? Indeed it is! Play “Fire and Rain” your Majesty!

Motorcycle Sidecar

She almost couldn’t see over the top of the sidecar she rode in from London to Edinburgh and back. In one day!

Video Gamer

The Queen was quickly identified by her username QueenBeeLizzie during her birthday online video game experience playing League of Legends, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Her constant cries of, “Time to die!” peppered her play.

Snapchat Skateboard

The Queen got major props from skaters and action sports athletes by uploading Snapchat videos while skateboarding through Piccadilly Square. Skillz!

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