5 Ways Windows 10 is Spying on You

Windows 10 was only on the market for a short time before people noticed there was a long list of ways it was spying on you. As you use it, Microsoft is learning about you, your online behavior, how you use applications, networks and various devices. The company will know your browsing history, your interests, even phone call and text information.

Surprisingly, that’s not all. Here are five more ways Microsoft is discovering information about you through Windows 10.

Naked Dance

Remember that time last week you started dancing naked when you got out of the shower because your favorite song was on the radio? Windows 10 knows.

Milk Pig

Everybody in the house suspects that you have been drinking milk directly from the carton in the fridge. Windows 10 knows their fears are well-founded because the software has been watching you do it every day.

Car Crooner

This morning, when a car in the lane next you pulled up beside you at the stoplight, you stopped singing at the top of your lungs which you had been doing for the last half mile. Windows 10 recorded the whole thing.

Office Flirt

Hey, there’s no doubt. That hot new employee that works in the department next you has the whole office buzzing. We are not doubting that she is very attractive.

But Windows 10 could, if it wanted to, and I’m not not saying it would, report what you did — last week you had some awkward attempts at conversation with her as you walked by her desk, punctuated by your crooked smile and lame attempts at humor.

I’m not saying you were flirting, but Windows 10 recorded the whole thing and an impartial observer might have a different opinion than you on what transpired.

Five Second Rule Abuser

At the party last week, you dropped a piece of pan-fried potato on the floor. At the same time, your favorite team scored on an exciting play on TV, diverting your attention from the potato.

By the time you looked back, you were well outside the 5-second rule limitation, yet you proceeded to pick up the potato, shake it violently and pop it in your mouth. Windows 10 saw the whole thing.

Windows 10 is reportedly one of the best versions of Windows Microsoft has ever produced. This is especially encouraging given the worldwide disgust with problems users suffered under Windows 8. However, just know that Windows 10 is watching you right now.

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