7 Adorable Things to Call Your Junker Car

I recently bought a junker car: a 2002 Toyota Sienna with a rear hatch that is permanently closed due to the dent in the rear right side suffered in one of many accidents it has experienced over the years.

The guy who sold it to me called it a “beater with a heater.” He said, “It’s not pretty, but it will get you there.”

Today I heard someone say their car was “rusty but trusty.”

Here then are 7 adorable things you can call your junker.

A hoopdy that hops.

A hunk of junk with spunk.

A wreck that treks.

A clunker with two bumpers.

A bucket of bolts with just enough volts.

A tin can named LuAnne.

A pile of rust that won’t bust.









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