7 Akronites Remember Their Weirdest Driving Experience

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If you’ve ever driven through the Akron area, you may have a story similar to these.

Jeremy, Waiter

We were closing up early one night because of the heavy snow. No one was coming in, so the manager let us all go. On the way home, I noticed all the roads were filled with cars. But no one was moving, and their engines were off.

Stephanie, Aerobics Instructor

I was driving by Akron U’s Polymer Science building one day when a huge rubber orb starting chasing me. It was about 4 stories tall, green and blue, and it said Goodyear on the side.

John, Nurse

I had just come off the night shift and was driving past Grandpa’s Cheese Barn. I noticed the crash barriers in that area were all made of large wheels of ghouda and camembert.

Steve, Stockbroker

Coming down the 77 near Cuyahoga Falls at 4am, I had a vision that in a past life I worked in the old Lawson’s dairy that started there in 1939. I was in love with the a girl who ran one of the machines — she loved to tease, always saying she wanted to pasteurize me.

Sally, Sales Manager

I was driving with one of my team back from a sales call when we saw a fireworks display near the Portage Lakes. But they weren’t going straight up. They were being launched from rival one township to another like ground missles, taking out parked cars in explosions of red, green, blue, yellow and white.

Tristan, Architect

We had just left a regional architecture conference downtown in mid-December. When I walked down the street to get my car, a guy was sitting in the driver’s seat. It was my manager from the O’Neil’s Department store I worked at downtown year ago. But this guy had died in 1993.

Xochitl, Designer

I remember my father teaching me to drive at the parking lot of Summit Mall. He would only do so if my mother was shopping at the same time. I thought he really loved me and simply wanted his daughter to do well on her driver’s exam. I learned years later he was just tired of sitting on those little benches, waiting hours for her to come out of a store.



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