7 Signs Your Girlfriend Has Already Moved On


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courtesy State Library of Queensland

She forgets to tell you she’ll be attending her 20th-year sorority reunion which is the same weekend as your anniversary.


Extra Luggage

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You go on dates and she makes you sit in the back.


Little Surprises

A Little Boy on the Beach_10291198944_l
courtesy Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

She introduces new things about her past you never knew about.


Interesting Looks

Coney Island, A Free Show  (LOC)_2162680119_m

She displays new modes of dress and appearance.



Exercising on the Beach_3084038091_l
courtesy National Media Museum

She takes up new sports and hobbies.


Stranger Feeling

On the ferris wheel at the Vermont state fair, Rutland_2178255715_m

You drive by a carnival to see her having fun with strangers.


Flipping Out

courtesy State Library of New South Wales

You tell her you think it is best that you see new people, and she seems exceptionally happy with that idea.



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