7 Stunning Sites in California That Will Make You Say, “Cool!”

California is full of amazing sites. Here are seven of the best.

Hall of Pepper

Located in a giant pepper mill in Fresno, the Hall of Pepper celebrates the 2000 year history of this renowned seasoning.

Silicon Valley Busses

The Silicon Valley busses take privileged tech workers from work to home in the City. The general public is invited to sit on the roof of the bus, hanging on to bungie cords and old Macintosh power cords.

Apple Battery Orchards

Apple employees have their own orchard of batteries. It is open to the public on Tuesdays.

Giant Hole In The Ground

Located just outside Hollywood, this is where 9 out of ten movies are buried just after release.

Unlimited Budget Canyons

These Canyons are lined with money! Ever wondered how Jerry Brown can keep passing expensive intiatives without any money to pay for them?

Bridge of Kale

An entire bridge made of Kale, the most self-righteous, pretentious vegetable in a pretentious state.

Old Days Forest

Oldsters meet here to remember the sixties by taking their clothes off and walking through the trees. Every year, due to their age and years of voting Democrat, several of them lose their bearing and walk in the nearby IHOP in the buff.

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