7 Things to Do in St. Andrews While In Town For The Open Championship

The Old Course isn’t the only thing to do in St. Andrews. Take in these attractions while you are in town.

St. Andrews University

The biggest golf-only school in the world. Each students get a caddy who carries their books to class.

St. Andrews Castle

The castle was built to fight drunken hordes attacking from the United States in 1840. The walls are made from empty bottles of Scotch.

The Old Cheese Shop

Most of the cheeses here are from the 1700s. Nothing will mark your visit like trying to digest a 300-year-old Gouda.

Candles and Cakes

Candles and Cakes serves Scottish-style cupcakes served with candles taken from the memorial wall from St. Andrews Church.

Double Bogey Pub

Order their famous spotted duck and homemade bread. The Double Bogey offers 25 percent off to anyone who can beat the owner in mini-golf out back.

The Fairway Restaurant

The Fairway is situated right in the middle of the 17th fairway. The golf course tried to move them, but they predate the course by 400 years.

The Lovely

The Lovely is a classic Scottish pub with dart boards, sing-a-longs and hourly raids from local constables.

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