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7 Things To Do in Wyoming This Summer

Hay Bail University

proc-001_Pastoral scene in the Belle Fourche River Valley above Hulett in Crook County, Wyoming

Take summer school classes at Hay Bail University outside Cheyenne. Choose interesting topics like How to Hook a Bail, Bailin’ and Sailin’, Hay Yahh, and Hay, Hay, We’re the Monkees.

Ghost Town Happy Hour

proc-001_A curious old building that straddles the Nebraska-Wyoming border in Pine Bluffs, a small farming co

Ghosts have been spotted serving drinks at this long-abandoned roadside bar. Tourists have been bellying up to the bar late at night for a chance to get a free drink and a ghost story they can tell at family gatherings. Fair warning: you are welcome to enter the haunted establishment yourself, but last year 7 people on different occasions entered the bar and were never seen again.

Ride the Road to Nowhere

proc-001_A dirt road winds through a sea of high plains yellow sundrops on the Laramie Plain, a vast grasslan

The Road to Nowhere is a mysterious dirt road on the High Plains of that seems to appear out of thin air, moving from place to place around the state. Eyewitnesses claim you can drive down the road only to disappear in the distance. Some say the vehicles end up in heaven. Others believe they end up at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Purgatory, where they must “take a ticket” every day until Judgement Day.

Train-Scoop Napping

proc-001_A freight train colorfully adorned with grafitti approaches Cheyenne, Wyoming

Many people say they get the best sleep of their lives on a moving train. For those with a tight budget, try sleeping on the front scoop of the locomotive. You’ll sleep like a baby as the train’s hypnotic rhythms lull you to dreamland. Add in fresh air and a perfect view of vibrant stars in pitch black night skies, and you have the perfect rail travel experience.

Deer Staring

proc-001_A very real, very live, very tame deer in a small park the heart of the Casper College campus in Cas

This curious deer appears every Saturday morning on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. JP Stareemdown from Laramie. The deer stares down anyone who dares lock eyes with him. Crowds of curious deer-staring challengers grew every week in 2015. In 2016, the State Parks department requested that would-be deer starers register online in advance at the agency’s website. Each challenger gets 5 minutes to try to make the deer look away.

Buffalo Group Therapy

proc-001_Bison herd in Weld County, Colorado, near the Wyoming line

Every Thursday, the Wyoming Nature and Wildlife Calming Society has a group therapy session for herds of buffalo. Herd members are encouraged to talk about their problems, from grazing to roaming where the deer and the antelope play.

Gas Pump Graveyard Rave Night

proc-001_If you ever wondered where all the old gasoline pumps went when service stations closed or changed b

Friday night is Gas Pump Graveyard rave night. Some of the biggest names in EDM, from Skrillex to Avicii, have headlined this show. At the peak of the show, audience members twirl gas pump hoses above their heads, yelling, “Fill er up with regular, please, and check the tires while you’re at it.”

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