7 Ways to Develop New Business on Social Media

Developing traffic, sales and clients for your business is easier than ever with social media. Use these seven ideas as often as possible to get the most out of this exciting commerce channel:

Send Instagram message such as, “Yo, you got any business for us over here?”

Join the maximum number of groups on LinkedIn in your niche, then send connection requests to every member of each group. Write it just like this with the blanks intact: “Dear _________. Thanks for connecting. I look forward to sharing many ___________ about our shared love of __________.”

Friend 10,000 people you don’t know on Facebook, get banned, then run Google ads that say, “How I Got Banned on Facebook and Generated $10,000,000!”

Post lots of pictures with you on a yacht with good-looking friends, exotic guns and stacks of cash. After the pictures are shot, pay off the actors and boat owner who you told you were making a rap music video.

Announce you have started a new LinkedIn clone called DollarDollarHollerforDollars.com.

Tweet the following message 490 times a day: “Hey, guys, quit avoiding the obvious. You know you like me, you really, really like me.”

Drive social media traffic to your site filled with useful content such as “7 Ways to Make Money While Fly-Fishing in Your Batman Underwear” and “How I Built a Fortune Selling Key Chains Made From Custom Braids of Renaissance Faire Maidens.”

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