7 Ways My Life Improved When I Got Off Facebook

Courtesy US National Archives
Courtesy US National Archives

Facebook is the dominant social media of our time. Unfortunately, it also is the number one time waster for people of all ages. One day, I suddenly decided to get off of Facebook. Here’s how my life changed at that point.

Better Relationships

I was spending so much time on Facebook, all of my relationships were on Facebook. When I finally got off the service, I was able to approach people in real life without asking them if I could send them a friend request first.

Better Recognition

When I was on Facebook, I could only recognize people from photos they posted. If a friend never posted any personal pictures, I had no idea what they looked like. When I got off Facebook, I had to meet them in person, I finally got visual confirmation they were actually alive.

Real Conversations

Once I was able to meet real people in real life, I found that I was able to have conversations about things that were not necessarily about items posted on Facebook. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I found that real people can talk about a variety of subjects for hours. They just talk. Strangers don’t butt in with comments out of the blue. It’s an amazing thing.

Things That Matter

Another development that occurred when I got off Facebook is I started talking about things that actually matter. While I was using Facebook, for reasons unknown, I was attracted to videos of dogs skateboarding, pictures of ugly people at Walmart and other things that don’t really matter.

In person, you tend to talk about your real life and the people in it. It takes a little getting used to to live this way, but once you give it a try, it’s not long before you are talking and chatting like a normal person.

Drop in Anxiety

Facebook is amazingly anxiety producing. When you post a photo, picture or comment on Facebook, you are subconsciously wondering if other people saw, understood and appreciated it.

In real life, you will get response to your ideas immediately. You can tell by the visual feedback whether somebody is accepting your premise, story or joke, or if they think it’s dumb, pedantic and repulsive. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to see your ideas flourish or die a thousand deaths right before your very eyes.

Better Physical Condition

Even if you try to limit your time on Facebook, there will be times where you look up and nine or 10 days have passed by. Your hand is cramped into a claw-like grip that is the exact shape needed for scrolling through your Facebook timeline for hours on end.

Your back has locked in your chair because you have not moved. The muscles, not being needed anymore, have decided to stop working. This is known as Facebook Lock, and can only be solved with major surgery involving seven or eight medical teams working around the clock for 30 days.

Getting off of Facebook means your body will move as it was intended to. You’ll put one foot in front of the other in order to propel yourself to new destinations.

Your arms will swing freely by your side in order to help the walking procedure. Your voice will return as you communicate as God wanted — not through your keyboard. Better physical condition is one of the major benefits of getting off of Facebook.

Discover New Relatives

Once you get off of Facebook, there is a high likelihood you will discover you have children you never knew about living in your house. Or perhaps you have moved to a new neighborhood and no one ever told you. You will discover a entire world of new information and people — things that were not on Facebook, yet existed in real life outside your room or office.

Have fun out there.

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