7 Ways To Organize Your Workbench and Tools

pd - home and garden - tools - book - Image from page 1090 of Hardware merchandising August-October 1912 (1912) 14784817582

As a guy, you accumulate a lot of tools. Problem is your workbench becomes a mess real fast. Here are some tips to get them in line.

  1. Stick all lose screws, bolts and nails in old oranges and potatoes.
  2. Hang all hammers from your belt.
  3. Pour old paint on the roof.
  4. Attach loose alligator clips to your ears.
  5. Keep screwdrivers and punches in the refrigerator.
  6. Buy a pegboard and write “Nobody knows what happened at the old mill but you!” on it in big letters.
  7. Use old peanut butter jars to store extra wires and small electronics. Leave 1/4 of the peanut butter in the jar to help the loose parts stay put.

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