9 Best Football Stadiums In College Football

Junior High School Football Team Plays On Field Surrounded By_7455103214_l

University of The Southern Most Tip of Oklahoma

With no room for actual stands, fans drive by on the freeway and crane their necks to see the latest play.


[Otis Love Guernsey, football player and squash tennis player at_2449475088_m

North Mid-Central Idaho State University

In the early days, NMCISU Bronco players rode actual broncos on the field to maximize yardage on running plays. Here a student practices kicking bales of hay to feed the horses.


Aerial view of the half time at the Orange Bowl_16405722925_l

University of Mid-South-by-Southeast Florida

The college was sued when they branded their stadium the Orange Bowl. The later changed it to the Orange and Cranberry Fizz Bowl.


Army-Navy 1913 (LOC)_4647768126_m

University of Foggy Bottom

Fans of UFB endure another foggy game. Last year three games were called to fogginess. Each time UFB was behind 40 points or more.


Cotton Bowl TCU and Ole Miss, Giant Rebel Flag_7440875054_l

Band Camp University

BCU does not actually have a football team so all plays are made under a large tarp to conceal this fact.


Dedication game at Doak Campbell Stadium Tallahassee, Florida_7374683070_l

Central Eastern Normal College of Wichita

Dedicated to a good education for normal students, their stadium is often half empty because they could not find many normal students.


Fans at a University of Miami football game Coral Gables,_7176186791_l

College of Mining, Machinery and Minecraft

Each student at CMMM majors in Mining, Machinery or an early version of the computer game Minecraft, the same program that was used to build their stadium.


Florida A & M Rattler's football game Tallahassee, Florida_7017834811_l

College of Near Southern Akron

Sacrificing lights for a killer sound system, CNSA has also hosted many rock concerts and Jeff Dunham comedy shows.


Florida Field at the University of Florida Gainesville, Florida_7186313661_l

University of Red States

Due to a mixup in the design, the opposing stadiums were built back to back, so teams must play each side, switching once per quarter.



Image credits include:

Florida Memory

Mississippi Department of Archives and History




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