9 Crafty Plays That Are Not Seen In Football Anymore

At one time, these football plays changed the game. They were clever, innovative, and helped establish football as a fast-moving exciting game.


The Double Scissor Kick

W-J vs. Rutgers, 112814  (LOC) 6482041901-crop


The Joe Root Rutebega Spinner

Cornell v. Brown, 102414  (LOC) 6288469147-crop


Hai Lai Hai Low Go-Go-Go

Cornell v. Brown, 102414  (LOC) 6288469661-crop


Spark Plug Poster Boy

Cornell v. Brown, 102414  (LOC) 6288469933-crop


Tuck Tail and Torque It

W-J v. Rutgers,  112814  (LOC) 6482040755-crop


I Kister Your Sister

W-J v. Rutgers,  112814  (LOC) 6482041289-crop


Hunter Run Hunter Kill

W-J v. Rutgers,  112814  (LOC) 6482041635-crop


Mother Mary Hide and Slide

W-J vs. Rutgers,  112814  (LOC) 6482042191-crop


Blue Skies In The Forecast

W-J vs. Rutgers, 112814  (LOC) 6482040491-crop



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