9 Golf Prodigies Who Could Be The Next World Superstar

Who is going to take over for today’s champions when they hang up the spikes? Who is the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy? Here are 9 kids poised to take the mantle.

Tommy Dodgen, age 4, standing by the largest lamp in_3390693464_m

Tommy “Kid Electric” Feher from Boise, ID is able to hit the ball 350 yards at the age of 4 by charging his body with electric current before every round.



Penelope “Starlight” Reduismo from Santa Fe, NM starting playing scratch golf at the age of 3. Here her caddie/brother Mark hands her golf towels he steals from the local Bed, Bath and Beyond store.


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Dennis “Towhead” Greilump from Dillytown, MT is known for his smooth swing and incredible balance. He works on his internal balance skills before every round by riding the back of a tortoise for 2 days.


Atlantic City Beach_2871181376_m

Georgie “Knuckles” Sandsuch of Myrtle Beach, SC developed his powerful swing by lifting weights at the local “Muscle Beach” and fighting all comers for 5 cents per bout.


Bare foot boy wearing a hat, seated on a log_3169118372_m

Lance “Blue Boy” Wedleto of Omaha, NE has the finest putting touch of any golfer in his home state. He credits his steady hand to his experience making his own golf hats and golf shirts complete with doilies.


Boy with pigeons at [Circular] Quay, Sydney, 2261935  by_3284118942_m

Rocky “BirdMan” Wosimmli of Bangor, ME got his nickname from both his uncanny ability to score birdies on the course, and his hobby of raising carrier pigeons that he trains to rob banks.


Cats' food didn't come out of a can and it_3211732446_m

Sara “Cat Kid” Kopalwaski from Sioux City, Iowa follows a strict no-red-meat diet of fish, vegetables and candy corn. Here she keeps her cats from devouring her next healthy meal she’ll be cooking in her giant Easy Bake Oven.


Sidney Franklin standing on the set of 'The Kid from_4932598466_l

Audi “Bolero” Xochili from Barcelona set the Spanish junior golf world on fire with his stellar swing and outrageous outfits. He is known to drape a red cape in front of the hole before he putts, shouting “OLE!” when it drops.


Study of a small girl with a prize Scottish terrier_3211639268_m

Sally “Sunshine” Craster of Sunnyvale, CA shot 72 the first time she played 18 holes of golf at the age of 2. Here with her dog “Sparks,” she is getting mentally prepared for the National 3-and-Under Championship in Hawaii later this month. Sparks doubles as family dog and caddy — he drags the clubs around the course with his teeth.

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