9 Signs You Are Getting Older Than You Thought

Time flies. Before you know it, you are an oldster. But it’s hard to tell until you see something from your past – a marker of your younger self. For example, do you remember these items from your youth?

14757024486_e0eb06b9c3_o----1920-internet archive book images-giant land tortoise-via fc

Remember this giant land tortoise as a kid? He can get up to 300 years old.


3348871235_a330035854_o----1894-the field museum-via fc-dinoaurs

These guys were still walking around when you were in junior high!


11302222053_a4bc4d46da_b----1885-diprotodon-dinosaur-the british library-via fc

This guy was only up to your knee!


11303507526_e746a139e1_b----1885-the british library-via fc-dinosaur-triceratops

Triceratops? Wow, the years have flown!


14586776298_39fa66ed00_z----1913-soapstone pot-internet archive book images-via fc

Ancient soapstone pot? Didn’t you mom use this one?


14586780188_ce0e4ece8d_b----1913-ancient bone fishhooks-internet archive book images-via fc

Ancient fishhooks made of bone! You made these in shop class!


14595577748_c9521d6582_o----1882-artifact found in ancient canoe in scotland-internet archive book images-via fc

This guy is hundreds of years old. Who looks better – you or him?


4359357489_d3abe7789c_b----cornell university library-signing of declaration of independence-via fc

Remember the racket these guys caused? You were only 10! Hey, quiet down, guys!


3253744672_9e4d551f71_o----1846-loc-via fc-abraham lincoln

Your friends used to say, “Lincoln is OUR president!” How long ago was that!


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