9 Strange Things People Do On Airplanes

It’s fun to travel. Too bad you often have to get on an airplane to do it.

Airplane travel has deteriorated so much over the years, it’s likely you are not even phased when you see these strange things crazy people do on board:

1. Make a temporary diaper for their baby out of in-flight magazines.

2. Use the washroom as a flying office.

3. Take off their shoes and socks and rub their toes on the back of the neck of the person in front of them.

4. Sing sea shanties while downing tons of vodka.

5. Ask their neighbor if they can hold on to their 18th century scarab blade while they are in the restroom.

6. Make air traffic control noises the entire flight.

7. Attempt to climb in to the overhead bin “to get some shut-eye.”

8. Stand in front of coach with a flashlight and tell ghost stories like at summer camp.

9. Skip up and down the aisle, tossing out backstage passes to a John Tesh concert.

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