Amazing Fun Facts About South Carolina Football

The University of South Carolina Gamecocks kicked off their first game against Furman in 1892, a year that also saw the first basketball game ever played in Massachusetts. This was a great development. Not only did we have a great new sport, it helped relieve the increasing amount of peach basket landfills.

By 1903, they had a record of 8-2. In 1906, they Board of Trustees banned football due to the rude chants and cheers at football games. The coach apologized, blaming the crowds antics on the student’s school spirit and the school’s strong rivalries with teams like the Clemson Tigers, those BEEEEP! BEEEEEP!

In 1969, coach Paul Dietzel helped the team nab a conference championship and a trip to the Peach Bowl. He also wrote a new fight song, “The Fighting Gamecocks Lead The Way.” It goes like this:

The Fighting Gamecocks lead the way
Battling to their last breath!
The Fighting Gamecocks save the day
We’ll scratch and peck you to death!

Cockadee, cockadoo
Cockadee, cockadoo
Cockadee, cockadoo

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