An Open Letter To Multi-Group Facebook Posters

Dear Multi-Group Facebook Poster:

Thank you for the update about your weekly comedy open mic show at a local bar. You obviously took at least a full 5 minutes to create the graphics in Microsoft Paint. It’s good to see someone with some graphic skills. Not everyone can use that shade of green in text like you can — it takes training and dedication over many years. Thank you.

By the way, you must know I am a busy person, because you were kind enough to post the same graphic in every Facebook comedy group I belong to — it’s amazing how many comedy groups there are! We both love comedy, and it’s great to get notification 24x that you made the same post in each group. It helps because I don’t always see the message completely the first 10 or 12x it appears in my news feed. Around the 20th time, it registers what you are promoting. Again, thanks for the same post in every group, each time with the same colorful green font.

Yours in stand-up comedy,


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