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Are You Guys Deaf?

I recently saw the Adventure Capitalists show on CNBC. Interesting:

Company: Our brand is targeting the affluent, high end market.

Potential Investor 1: I love your product, but you are missing the general market.

Company: Exactly, we are targeting the high end market. Were you listening to my pitch?

Potential Investor 2: It’s a great product, but you seem to be missing most of the market.

Company: As I said, it’s a high-end brand. Are you guys deaf?

Potential Investor 3: Wow, great product, love it! But I don’t think the average consumer in this market will be interested.

Company: We don’t want the general market. We have a laser focus on a specific niche, you know, like every successful new business. Were you playing Angry Birds during my pitch?

Investors: Sorry, we don’t see you can reach the average guy in this market. No investment today from us.

Company: Cool. How about I start a business to help people with their listening skills.

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