Bicyclist Invests In $12,000 Bike Lock System

Harold knew what he wanted when he bought his new Italian racing bicycle. He has been around the sport of cycling for over 15 years. When he saved the money up, he excitedly plunked it all down for a $10,000 beauty. Top of the line.

He plans to ride it all over town. To work. To the park. To the store. If you are thinking a $10,000 bike would be a target for thieves, you would be right. Don’t worry, Harold thought of that, too.

To protect his investment, he also spent $12,000 for a set of fifteen cables and D-Locks that secure the bike to any fixed object. “If I wanted to, I could attach it to a moving airplane,” Harold laughed. “It takes me an hour to unlock all the combination locks, and I have to carry a heavy key ring with 8 keys on it, but for a quick jaunt to the store, it’s good to feel secure.”

Harold spent the next hour locking up his bike in front of the store, and then went in to get a pack of smokes.

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