Boston Has Changed – Have You?

You’ve had a long relationship with Boston. But Boston has changed over the years. You need to change, too. Maybe you are too emotionally involved at this point. All you can think about are the good times you had.


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0037-beacon street mall

Remember all the laughs you had here.


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0013-the old state house

And here.


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0014-old house in dock square

And here.


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0015-dorchester heights

This was always a crazy time.


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0020-faneuil hall and quincy market

You had fun at the market!


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0022-eastern and fitchburg railroad stations

Remember riding the train to New York? Woah.


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0024-haymarket square

Good times here.


1280w-boston-bostonstanwoo00stan_0027-brattle square church

You were always laughing in church when you should have been praying. Wild!


It’s clear. Boston has moved on, grown, and matured. You, however, refuse to. You want things the way they were.

I understand — things were great back then. But you have to have a talk with yourself.

You deserve to be happy. Relax. Have fun.

Fall in love with Boston all over again.



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Joe Ditzel is a keynote speaker, humor writer, and really bad golfer. You can reach him via email at [email protected] as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.