Area Man Rushes To Buy “Fifty Shades: The Early Years”


Aibaan Oivelo of Winterhurst rushed down to the local Barnes and Noble the minute his favorite AM station reported that the latest Fifty Shades book was in stores.

“Fifty Shades: The Early Years” gives fans a clear picture of the life events that shaped Christian’s success as well as his particular entertainment needs.

“I couldn’t wait to read it,” said the professor and ship-in-a-bottle enthusiast. “I crouched down outside the store and devoured it in 20 minutes. All I can say is wow!”

“I practically led this guy’s life,” Mr. Oivelo explained. “I mean, it’s like reading my diary. Well, I’m not super successful and I haven’t had a date in years. But other than that, we might as well be twins.”



Keep An Eye Out For Huge Ships

Finally. A guide on how to avoid huge ships.

How to Avoid Huge Ships

Just check out the well this book is doing:

“I bought How to Avoid Huge Ships as a companion to Captain Trimmer’s other excellent titles: How to Avoid a Train, and How to Avoid the Empire State Building. These books are fast paced, well written and the hard won knowledge found in them is as inspirational as it is informational. After reading them I haven’t been hit by anything bigger than a diesel bus. Thanks captain!”

Six-Year-Old Garners 23 Book Publishing Deal

Leo Hunter is a talented guy. News outlets including the Daily Mirror reported the six-year-old landed a 23 book deal with an American publishing house. Later it was revealed to be a 'vanity press' where an author pays to have his work printed. Still, Leo seems like an ambitious guy.