At the races

Eerily Quiet

You can hear every vehicle.

Dump trucks: “Grrrrrrrrr.”

Motorcycles: “Vroooooom.”

Even bicycles: “Ring ring.”

You can hear vehicle in LA right before it hits you — but you hear it, so you jump out of the way.


This is the sound you will hear before a Toyota Prius it sneaks up behind you and scares the heck out of you.


The Prius is too quiet. Any sound will help.

How about “A-ooga! A-ooga!”


“Oo-wee-oo! Oo-wee-oo!”


Please, Toyota, this car is way too quiet. It’s making me paranoid.

LA Man Rides Donkey To Beat Clogged Freeways

Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons
Courtesy National Library of Wales via Flickr Commons

A Los Angeles man is beating the horrendous traffic by going old school. He rides a donkey between stopped rows of cars to and from work every day.

“Even at a donkey’s leisurely pace, I beat my coworkers to work four out of five times,” said computer programmer Darren Bridev. “The days they beat me it is usually because Marty (the donkey) stops in Beverly Hills to eat some of the flowers.”


7 Crazy Cars The Public Shunned At The Showroom

The marketplace is cruel. Sometimes things just don’t work out so well for new car models. Here are 7 crazy cars the public shunned at the showroom.


Ford Longfellow

Courtesy San Diego Air and Space Museum via Flickr Commons
Courtesy San Diego Air and Space Museum via Flickr Commons

Would only work with a passenger reading the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


Chevrolet Land/Sea

Courtesy Australian National Maritime Museum via Flickr Commons
Courtesy Australian National Maritime Museum via Flickr Commons

The first successful underwater car, the hardtop was a hit. Sales fell off when the convertible model was released.


HMAC Pizza

Courtesy San Diego Air and Space Museum via Flickr Commons
Courtesy San Diego Air and Space Museum via Flickr Commons

The HMAC Pizza was a pizza delivery cannon, firing pizzas from the street through the front window of a house. In 1915, a family died when one of them inadvertently fired hubcaps at a hungry group of relatives.


The Olds Pup

Courtesy State Library of New South Wales via Flickr Commons
Courtesy State Library of New South Wales via Flickr Commons

A gorgeous car that should have been a hit. It failed because it was solely powered by the pull of a small dog who came with a purchase.


The Plymouth Emotional Baggage

Courtesy US National Archives via Flickr Commons
Courtesy US National Archives via Flickr Commons

The emotional baggage was initially popular with ex-girlfriends and mothers-in-law who appreciated the large luggage area. Beyond these two groups, it sold poorly.


The Buick Sea Water

Courtesy US National Archives via Flickr Commons
Courtesy US National Archives via Flickr Commons

The Buick Sea Water was a scam car that supposedly ran on sea water. Thousands of duped consumers left them at the beach when they would not run.


The Amtrak Railer

Courtesy National Library of Ireland via Flickr Commons
Courtesy National Library of Ireland via Flickr Commons

The Amtrak Railer was the first car by a railroad company — it was designed to run on tracks, providing a faster, better experience than the trains of the day. Sales fell to zero when reports of cars like the one shown would fly off the tracks down dirt roads, hurtling passengers miles off course.


7 Akronites Remember Their Weirdest Driving Experience

akron-ohio- image_052-crop-1513x331

If you’ve ever driven through the Akron area, you may have a story similar to these.

Jeremy, Waiter

We were closing up early one night because of the heavy snow. No one was coming in, so the manager let us all go. On the way home, I noticed all the roads were filled with cars. But no one was moving, and their engines were off.

Stephanie, Aerobics Instructor

I was driving by Akron U’s Polymer Science building one day when a huge rubber orb starting chasing me. It was about 4 stories tall, green and blue, and it said Goodyear on the side.

John, Nurse

I had just come off the night shift and was driving past Grandpa’s Cheese Barn. I noticed the crash barriers in that area were all made of large wheels of ghouda and camembert.

Steve, Stockbroker

Coming down the 77 near Cuyahoga Falls at 4am, I had a vision that in a past life I worked in the old Lawson’s dairy that started there in 1939. I was in love with the a girl who ran one of the machines — she loved to tease, always saying she wanted to pasteurize me.

Sally, Sales Manager

I was driving with one of my team back from a sales call when we saw a fireworks display near the Portage Lakes. But they weren’t going straight up. They were being launched from rival one township to another like ground missles, taking out parked cars in explosions of red, green, blue, yellow and white.

Tristan, Architect

We had just left a regional architecture conference downtown in mid-December. When I walked down the street to get my car, a guy was sitting in the driver’s seat. It was my manager from the O’Neil’s Department store I worked at downtown year ago. But this guy had died in 1993.

Xochitl, Designer

I remember my father teaching me to drive at the parking lot of Summit Mall. He would only do so if my mother was shopping at the same time. I thought he really loved me and simply wanted his daughter to do well on her driver’s exam. I learned years later he was just tired of sitting on those little benches, waiting hours for her to come out of a store.



Giant Hot Dog Crashes Into Pennsylvania Pole

The venerable Oscar Meyer Wienermobile recently crashed into a pole after it spun out in wet, snowy conditions near Harrisburg, PA.

Here is what the Wienermobile looks like when it is not crashing into things.

Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

The Pennsylvania crash garnered a lot of attention and national news coverage. It’s not every day a giant hot dog smashes into fixed objects in your town.

This isn’t the first time company promotional vehicles have crashed. It’s a long tradition in the world of marketing.

Bain Capital Double Decker Dollar Bill

After taking a hit to their public image after a series of reports that alleged the company was enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary Americans, Bain created the Bain Capital Double Decker Dollar bill, a classic British double decker bus with a dollar bill painted across each side.

The idea was to give free rides to tourists in New York as a public relations gimmick. On the very first day, the driver miscalculated a turn and sent the bus careening down a steep embankment near the Long Island Expressway. The New York Daily News reported, “Bain Dollar Bill Bus Drops 70 Percent!”

Zippo Car

In 1947, Zippo lighter company introduced the Zippo Car, a Chrysler with two big lighters compromising the middle of the body. In 1949, it crashed at a Polynesian Tiki festival, setting 123 grass huts on fire.

Chips Ahoy Chip Mobile

The Chip Mobile was a chocolate chip on wheels that stood 18 feet tall. From the side, it looked like a full-bodied chocolate chip. Looking straight-on, you could see it was made tall and thin to fit into a regular car lane. This design made it very unstable, and in 1983 it tipped over while negotiating treacherous Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, tumbling to the bottom of a ravine and crashing into a pool at a mansion during the filming of an adult movie.

Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales

One of the most recognized promotional vehicles in the world, the Clydesdale horses pull a festive red, white and gold beer wagon in promotional events and TV commercials for Anheuser-Busch. There are several teams that travel to different parts of the US and other countries.

However, facing declining sales of its flagship Budweiser brand, the company announced many layoffs, including two teams of Clydesdales. When trainers informed one team they would be losing their jobs, they went berserk, racing through the streets at high speed, eventually crashing into the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

Jolly Green Giant String Bean Bus

Jolly Green Giant is one of the most trusted brands on store shelves. The Green Giant company created the String Bean Bus to promote it’s brand and healthy eating. At the Iowa State Fair in 1996, the String Bean Bus driver spent his lunch hour eating the popular cotton candy on the Midway.

All jacked up on the delicious treat, he drove the bus to fast and crashed through a security gate into the Big Cow Made Of Butter, a large statue of a Holstein cow completely made of butter, barreled through a tomato stand and came to rest in the 4-H Club lettuce display. Headlines in the Des Moines Register said, “State Fair Debuts World’s Largest Salad!”



7 Hot Cars Driven By The World’s Most Beautiful Women

Hot cars and beautiful women go together like peanut butter and jam. Here are 7 of the world’s hottest cars and the women who drive them.


Dupont camp auto  (LOC)_2162735157_m

Courtney Love is known to climb on top of her camp car and star gaze in the winter desert east of Los Angeles.


[Model T 14 B - F 21 Men are loading_3592122589_m

Sabrina Soto, Allison Victoria and other hot stars of HGTV/DIY Network programs share this classic pickup when shooting scenes for their popular shows like “I Hate My Swingset!” and “Rehab Vampires.”


[Model T-14 - D-14 Man delivering flowers from Schafers Flow_3592125927_m

Molly Ringwald is one of many stars attending the hottest premieres in their Schafer’s Pies van.



”Bakplog påsatt på siden av bilen for at kaste snekantene_6633554467_l

Jennifer Lopez was spotted driving her vintage snow remover around Hollywood. You know she looked great!




This classic golf cart has been updated and refurbished for Natalie Gulbis, one of the hottest and most talented stars in the LPGA.



Allen's Irish Moss gum jubes delivery van  WA Webber_5473119976_l

The Allen’s Sweets Panel wagon brought treats to neigborhood kids for years. Now the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo drives this model around Long Island, helping people get in touch with relatives that have passed.



Humber car, Shoalhaven, ca 1906  photographer Cyrus S Moss_6456363101_l

The Warhorster Mudwhomper was built to take on the thickest mud in style. Tine Fey is often seen driving her Mudwhomper around Manhattan.